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Learning Journal 001 - A New Series

This is a simple series that's primarily going to be focused on incentivising learning and documenting what I do outside of my main aims for this year (LPTHW and Odin Project with a touch of CS thrown in).

Essentially, I'm keeping a Learning Journal, hence the category name these posts will reside within.


I'm writing this mostly to remind myself:

  • Short description or sentence on thing
  • Link if applicable
  • Short note on why it was useful if applicable
  • Further blog post if suitable
  • Photos where applicable

Learning points will be raised as separate headed sections within one daily coverage post.

Learning Journal - 2017.01.09

Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range (CBDR)

Well known in Nautical and Aviation circles. When two objects on different headings maintain the same relative bearing to each other - it will result in collision.