Learning Journal 001 - A New Series

This is a simple series that's primarily going to be focused on incentivising learning and documenting what I do outside of my main aims for this year (LPTHW and Odin Project with a touch of CS thrown in).

Essentially, I'm keeping a Learning Journal, hence the category name these posts will reside within.


I'm writing this mostly to remind myself:

  • Short description or sentence on thing
  • Link if applicable
  • Short note on why it was useful if applicable
  • Further blog post if suitable
  • Photos where applicable

Learning points will be raised as separate headed sections within one daily coverage post.

Learning Journal - 2017.01.09

Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range (CBDR)

Well known in Nautical and Aviation circles. When two objects on different headings maintain the same relative bearing to each other - it will result in collision.


Related to this story:


Worth remembering that the A pillar can thrown such a large shadow and to really look around it at junctions. Oh, and not blow through give way lines, that too.

Basic audio editing with Audacity

An excellent overview of the interface and performing basic edits to remove noise, normalise, equalise etc etc:


There is also a handy PDF guide that covers more about importing, exporting, splitting, mixing etc etc.

Lighting setup for streaming

Loads of good resources out there that emulate what you might use in photography but with constant lights.

One interesting tip was the addition of a 'tail light' on the back of a chair. Described fully in this video:


Let Encrypt - how Certbot and TLS-SNI-01 authentication works

Saw this through a HackerNews post which lead to a bit of extra learning about how Let Encrypt and specifically Certbot handles authentication:


I suspect a lot of these extra-curricular learning point might come from HackerNews!

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