Passing Penguins

Bristol Zoo, Penguin habitat - Feb 2016

Young Protester - Take Back Parliament

A young girl protests during the 2010 Take Back Parliament protest in London.

I shot this with a friend (though this is my image) and we did so purely for fun and for practice. The intent was to capture some strong images from the day that could stand on their own but worked well together to tell the story of the whole protest.

Everything was shot on the streets around Westminster and Whitehall. I shot on a single camera (D700) with 35mm f2 prime.

See more from my coverage of this event here.

The Watch Man

I shot this nearly 6 years ago and I've always loved it since the second I took it. I have never shared it publicly before for fear of others not liking it.

Thankfully I've reached a point in my photography 'journey' where I no longer worry about such things.

This was just a split second moment. The shot came together in half a second and was gone just as quickly. I didn't take anything else apart from this one shot, but for me it was a perfect moment.

To me, it was everything the moment could have been and probably the first time I'd experienced that as a photographer.

It was exhilarating.

I've definitely taken 'better' shots, but I'll always love this one.

Old man looks into shop window containing watches and an image of a younger couple

Quality over Quantity

More is better. That's what the modern world teaches us. More TV channels, more websites, more apps for your phone, more consumer goods for you to buy, more more more. More choice could certainly be seen as a good thing. More choice generally equals greater 'freedom' of choice which is often seen as a positive; but at what cost to quality of choice? In my experience, quality and quantity are most often mutually exclusive, you can have one or the other, not both.