Tag: Scansnap S1300i Drivers

Install ScanSnap s1300, s1300i, s1100 and s300 drivers on Linux - drivers included


The Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300, s1100 and s300 were some of the best low cost duplex scanners available, and if you've got one no doubt it's still going strong. Likewise, the current generation s1300i upholds that tradition and is arguably one of the best scanners currently on sale.

Unfortunately Fujitsu don't provide linux drivers so this post provides those drivers for you to download.

This post looks long but it's just spelt out very very clearly. The actual number of things you need to do is not that high at all. I've seen many terse instructions that fail to give new users enough to go on so this one is written out fully and clearly.

To that end I'll also walk you through the install process so you can have your s1300, s1300i, s1100 and s300 happily scanning away just like they would if you were using Windows or OS X/macOS.

Well, almost, there are certain bits that don't work like one button scanning but it's not too much of a hardship.