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Industrial Society and Its Future - an analysis

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Thanks to Netflix I recently stumbled across the "Manhunt: Unabomber" series. I found the story fascinating, especially it's protagonist. Not because he killed people, but because he was certifiably a genius and he had much to say about modern industrial-technological society.

I don't seek to approve of his actions (they were abhorrent) but nor do I think that a mans actions necessarily disqualify his ideas from the potential of being insightful, worthy of thought and analysis - or even of being correct.

Is the Unibomber manifesto worth reading?

It's always best if one can make one's own mind up about something. The unique thing about this TV show was the possibility of going beyond the dramatisation (which certainly stood out as being overdone in many areas) and reading Kaczynski's 'Industrial Society and Its Future' firsthand.

To that end, you can find a copy of the manifesto in full at the link below:

Industrial Society and Its Future - Ted Kaczynski (PDF)

You can also cross reference this document with the original text published by The Washington Post, found at the following link:

Industrial Society and Its Future - original publication text - The Washington Post

Further, should the above links 'rot' (be removed from their original locations), the two are replicated below:

PDF | Text