Odin Project - an update

Yikes, been a while since an Odin Project update was posted here!

In the intervening months I've not progressed too far with the course, in fact I am still going through the JavaScript section just after the Google Homepage build. That sounds worse than it is as I had to alter the course to fit my learning style.

Understanding, not just doing

I need to understand the theory behind what I do if I'm to do the best I can, and when I jumped into the JaveScript track on Codecademy, I could instantly tell I wan't going to get out of it what I needed.

When learning, I prefer to read the more verbose explanations on how to use something rather the simply hack around blindly. I find almost always a short read to understand the basics of why I'm doing something is way more productive than just simply doing.

JavaScript and JQuery book

To that end I've picked up the excellent 'JaveScript & JQuery' book written by Jon Duckett. It's a fantastic book written in a very accessible style that covers many of the basic concepts straight up front before diving into syntax.

It's also designed for 'visual' learners with clear, colour coordinated diagrams that are easy to remember and visual overviews of concepts that might otherwise be very dry. I've completed about 20% of the book so far and I'm more than ready to dive back into the Odin track now.


In addition to the Odin project, I've also started the 'Learn Python the Hard Way' course by Zed Shaw, who has also produced a series of other courses for learning other languages.

I've got quite a lot out of this too, despite it appearing on face value to be another 'just do this' type course. It does have that element to it but it also forces/allows you to stop along the way and understand why you are doing the things you are doing. There are even specific 'student questions' designed to get you to learn things yourself, which has certainly worked for me.

There will be more about my progress with the course in the LPTHW category.

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