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The Odin Project - HTML and CSS 101

Having completed the HTML and CSS 101 course (and starting as I mean to go on) here are some thoughts on the lesson.

Firstly, this is a basic course. It's not meant to be that in depth and it's not supposed to overwhelm with info. And it doesn't!

I enjoyed it to be honest. It wasn't world changing or anything, primarily because I'd done a lot of this before but it still filled in a few gaps.

There's a difference between learning and doing, and the 'doing' part of this course is the key to it's success.

The main thing I noticed throughout (but mostly during the CodeCademy section) was the emphasis on doing things. There's a difference between learning and doing and the 'doing' part of this course is the key to it's success.

Physically typing out the HTML and CSS over and over again really started to make it second nature and somehow cements it in your mind a simply another language that can be read and written like any other.


The Odin Project - A Journey

Here we go then, the start of something big...maybe. In an attempt to avoid being one of those that fizzles out half way through I've decided to blog my way through The Odin Project course.

What is the Odin Project?

If you don't know about The Odin Project, go and take a quick look. It's FREE, and it's a great resource that brings together all sorts of tutorials and information from around the web in a logical and consistent package that anyone can follow along and learn with.

It basically creates a structured 'course' to follow so you can learn how to be a Web Developer.

Be warned though, it's not something you can do in a weekend. It'll likely take months of hard work to complete the whole thing, but it's one of the best 'teach yourself' courses that I've come across and I highly recommend it.