I hate sharing what I create, but I can't stop doing it

I need to create things. Usually by writing something like this. It's sort of an unstoppable compulsion really.

I love thinking up a new thing, trying a different take on something or just straight repeating something that has been done before just because it's cool and I want to have a go at doing it myself.

Why share at all

I want to make/do those things I do because I have to. There's also the secondary hope it piques the interest of someone else and, praise be, maybe inspires them to make something themselves.

Usually it's a blog post that's inspired me to do something so I fell it's my duty, you know today you, tomorrow me etc etc.


Oracle PR Bomb

It's reasonably rare for a company to shoot itself quite so accurately in the PR foot, but 'User701213-Oracle' has achieved that spectacularly with a recent blog on Oracle's corporate blog. Naturally, someone with some PR sense has finally got involved and the blog has been pulled down. I've mirrored the full text below... No, You Really Can’t By User701213-Oracle on Aug 10, 2015 I have been doing a lot of writing recently.



Chapter 3 Not all that Mrs. Bennet, however, with the assistance of her five daughters, could ask on the subject, was sufficient to draw from her husband any satisfactory description of Mr. Bingley. They attacked him in various ways--with barefaced questions, ingenious suppositions, and distant surmises; but he eluded the skill of them all, and they were at last obliged to accept the second-hand intelligence of their neighbour, Lady Lucas. Her report was highly favourable.